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Heather Strong Massage is a practice designed to inspire its clients, and to be inspired by its clients through health and well-being. We appreciate your trust in repeat business. "The best of the best is what we strive to be as a bodywork professionals whether facilitating injury or illness recovery, pain relief, improving athletic performance and helping clients own balance, energy and vitality." 


HSM offers a variety of table and chair massage.


HSM will customize a massage blend that supports your treatment goals. 

Your HSM massage professional will customize a massage for you each appointment, based on a pre-treatment consultation. That can mean we are therapeutically treating discomfort or pain, or maybe you want to request a Swedish and aromatherapy massage. We can address limited range of motion through a blend of deep tissue and sports massage or shiatsu.. And of course we can answer questions about the benefits of different modalities at the time of consultation and any time.

Modalities offered by Heather Strong, CMT and all our contracted massage therapists generally include: Reflexology, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral, Pre and Postnatal and Lymphatic drainage massage.

Chair massage makes sense for those with certain mobility issues or if the treatment is targeted for the neck, hands and upper body. Both table and chair massage can be recommended for the workplace or home.

HSM also offers spa consulting and chiropractic consultations by our Chiropractor's on call.


"Modalities are massage styles, often blended for a customized massage that I like to call California Massage. Treatments can be designed for any blend. Spa blend. Recovery blend. Deep tissue blend." -Heather Strong, CMT


We have decades of individual experience working with athletes, personal injury referrals, chiropractors, medical doctors, expectant mothers and the client that wants to be pampered with relaxing spa services.


Include us in your company's wellness plan, or book your special occasion. 


Other offerings can be added to any massage with pre booking and depending on utilities provided in our set up area. Warm paraffin for hands or feet, warm or cool towel treatment for neck and feet, eye mask, salt-herbal scrub, aromatherapy, warm or cold massage stones.


CAMTC Certificate #4883