About Heather Strong, CMT


The first thing I'd want you to know about me as a massage therapist, is that I love what I do. Massage offers pain relief and elevates wellbeing to good and busy people.  I'm honored to be trusted by clients, friends and family to offer great care, facilitating your individual treatment goals.  

Breath healing is a growing part of my personal practice that I would love to share as well. If you are here inquiring about that, I keep BREATH a separate practice from HSM for now, but please email and check back for updates to that part of my practice. The same respectful boundaries are present with BREATH HEALING as with HSM but the two are separate and approached in different ways. I'll soon have a new site for information on healing sessions that include GEA and Gateways Breath.


I've been massaging since attending a great program in 1996 at Just for Your Health College of Massage in San Jose, CA. Lead by program founder Tina Garcia, I have been bringing massage to busy professionals ever since.  I became certified to practice, predating massage becoming mainstream for health and wellness. Tina Garcia's program gifted many wonderful elements to approach massage, allowing me to create my own style, including consideration to the use of "energy" for massage. I've continued training with something called Gateways, but my introduction to "energy balance" came  through the practice of tai-chi chuan and traditional shiatsu for a science based philosophy.  I was also lucky enough to take cadaver anatomy classes at Palmer Chiropractic College as part of the JFYH program, which gave me insight and frame of reference by actually moving the cadaver limbs, joints, muscles, ligaments and even nerves, in order to see and feel where they connect and route through the human body. That has helped tremendously throughout my career as I visualize what a client is describing for pain or stagnant energy, whether its deep or superficial. Put quite simply, as a CMT I help move blood and lymph to help detoxify, relax, or promote injury recovery to muscles and connective tissue. I consider myself an intuitive and empathic CMT, and an energy and breath healing facilitator.


As well as creating my own ambient spa settings for massage, I've served in medical environments offering illness and injury care, oncology and post operative care as directed through a clients medical staff recommendations and managed a variety of wellness enterprises.

My biggest honor in any work is to be trusted with your care. Your journey is an inspiration to me in my practice and with those here at Heather Strong Massage.  We hope you try regular massage for self care. I've personally found the benefits of receiving massage to be life changing.


A clients helper Maxine, doing good work!

A clients helper Maxine, doing good work!