HSM charges by length of service not massage style. Whichever your choice modality, deep tissue, shiatsu, reflexology, we charge one price.


On-Site Services:

One hour $200

Hour and a half  $250

Two-hours $325  


Qualify for Sliding Scale?


A sliding-scale pricing structure is offered to clients for a variety of reasons. Having served in the U.S. Army, I would like to welcome veterans and their families care at a discounted rate. As well as pregnancy packages, long term illness or injury recovery can sometimes be a strain on the pocket book for clients when receiving frequent care. Request a consultation for yourself or a loved one for "care package" pricing. Usually reserved for services one or more times a week for extended periods of time.


Payment for services can be made using: 


Venmo: @Heather-Strong-9

Cash, Check


We barter!


Massage is available as trade with our company for many things. Do you have a skill or item you'd like to trade with us for services for you or your friends, family or employees? Frequent flyer miles/tickets, automotive repair, office and marketing support? Sometimes barter works best. Make space, network, enjoy a massage with us!


Payment FAQs and Misc:


Gratuity is not included in the pricing of our massage. If you can and wish to tip your massage therapist, we are thrilled for you to do so! If you would like to know how much, we leave that up to you. Service industry standard is 15%-20%. No tip is too big, no tip is too small. 


A variety of essential oils/aromatherapy are available to add to any massage at no additional cost. 


Packages available for return clients at great discounts.


Vegan friendly, organic oils and creams are used for all massages.


Contact HSM for quotes on special events and larger parties.


Gift certificates available.


HSM gigs: